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The National Biodiversity Data Bank (NBDB) was established in 1990 as a direct response to conservationists’ need to have readily available data and information regarding the country’s biodiversity, so as to inform decision making processes in Uganda that would affect biodiversity and the environment as a whole.

It was agreed that Makerere University would be the ideal place for its home.

With initial funding from USAID, the unit was established in Makerere University at the then Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (MUIENR) that would then act as a central repository for biodiversity data and information.

Message from the Coordinator Dr. Daniel Waiswa

The National Biodiversity Data Bank has since the 1990s acted a central biodiversity data and information repository in Uganda serving the public, private and civil society domain. This is in line with its vision of being the leading center of excellence in quality biodiversity and environmental data collection, processing and management in Uganda and its mission of inventorying and monitoring the national biological resources and to provide biodiversity information to those interested in the conservation and sustainable utilization of these biological resources. It should be noted that the NBDB is the oldest stakeholders’ formed and also stakeholders’-centered biodiversity data and information repository in Uganda and the region. As NBDB Coordinator, I wish to re-affirm our commitment to the vision and mission of NBDB and thus call upon all the stakeholders and partners to continue working with us. We also wish to thank our stakeholders and partners for the support which includes among others providing data and information that we make available to other stakeholders and partners for promotion of conservation and sustainable utilization of biological resources.

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